Cthulhu (Petersen Games)

Cthulhu an one of the most notable eldritch abominations

Eldritch Abominations, also known as the Lovecraftian Horrors and Cosmic Horrors, are biological in nature and should be differentiated from mysterious phenomena which are specific events, and incomprehensible horrors which are terrors that do not fit in either of the previous categories.

Eldritch Abominations are creatures or biological phenomena that are not otherwise explained in the Cthulhu Mythos or attributed to a specific event. If they appear here it is because they are relatively minor and may not warrant a full article.

List of Eldritch AbominationsEdit

The Monstrous BatEdit

She affirm'd, and her good neighbours likewise, that it had been borne to her, and took oath that she did not know by what manner it had come upon her, for it was neither Beast nor Man but like to a monstrous Bat with human face. It made no sound but look'd at all and sundry with baleful eyes. There were those who swore that it bore a frightful resemblance to the Face of one long dead, one Richard Bellingham or Bollinhan who is affirm'd to have vanished utterly after consort with Daemons in the country of New Dunnich. The horrible Beast-Man was examined by the Court of Azzizes and the which then burnt by Order of the High-Sherif on the 5th of June in the year 1788.
~ H.P. Lovecraft & August Derleth , AWD: The Lurker At the Threshold

The Fungus VampireEdit

Out of the fungous-ridden earth steamed up a vaporous corpse-light, yellow and diseased, which bubbled and lapped to a gigantic height in vague outlines half human and half monstrous, through which I could see the chimney and fireplace beyond. It was all eyes - wolfish and mocking - and the rugose insect-like head dissolved at the top to a thin stream of mist which curled putridly about and finally vanished up the chimney.
~ HPL , "The Shunned House"

The UnnamableEdit

Don't think I was a fool—you ought to have seen that skull. It had four-inch horns, but a face and jaw something like yours and mine...
...I was not so seriously hurt, but was covered with welts and contusions of the most bewildering character, including the print of a split hoof...
No—it wasn't that way at all. It was everywhere—a gelatin—a slime—yet it had shapes, a thousand shapes of horror beyond all memory. There were eyes—and a blemish. It was the pit—the maelstrom—the ultimate abomination. Carter, it was the unnamable!
~ HPL , "The Unnamable"

Other Eldritch AbominationsEdit

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