Extended universe sigil The Red Queen was created by Lewis Carroll in 1871, first appearing in "Through the Looking Glass". In 2008, it first appeared in Zenescope Entertainment's Grimm Fairy Tales fictional universe, in the one-shot comic of Tales from Wonderland, Queen of Hearts.


Elizabeth Allen was married to the scientist Henry Allen. When several children went missing, her husband was blamed, and murdered by their parents. The events drove her to an insane asylum, where Charles Dodgson brought her the Mirror to Wonderland. Seeing her son in the mirror, she walked through the mirror to Wonderland. She found her son who had been transformed into the King of Hearts. For the crime of attempting to make him remember his previous life, the Queen of Hearts transformed her into the Red Queen and imprisoned her. Eventually she got out, and rather than return to Earth, she stayed. Vowing to avenge the atrocities done to her and her son.


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