Extended universe sigilElysia (sometimes translated as Elysium and referred to as Glyu-Uho in Lin Carter's writings) is an extra-dimensional place primarily referred to in works by Brian Lumley.

Description Edit

Elysia is the world of residence of the Elder Gods, where they live in harmony with those chosen by them. These "chosen ones" come from different worlds and dimensions. This dimension is seemingly infinite and the road to reach it is very long and extremely difficult. Even with the help of the Archetypal themselves, the path to Elysia is very tortuous and can take years to complete. It is known that in this dimension the god Kthanid has a great castle made of pearls and diamonds and, going to the stories of Lin Carter, it can be determined that this world is located near the star Betelgeuse.

Unfortunately, even in Lumley's works, the information given about this place is very scarce, so much is unknown about what it could really be like. Given its name, it may have as a reference the Elysian Fields of ancient Greek mythology, but there is still very little information about what relationship could exist between the two places.

Curiosities Edit

  • Elysia is the name of a mollusk, more specifically a sea slug, belonging to the plakobranchidae family, which is distributed throughout the tropical and temperate waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans.
  • The fact that the Elder Gods coexist on Elysia with the beings chosen by them to inhabit there seems to refer to the idea of ​​going to paradise after death that certain religions have. In particular, it seems strongly influenced by the Norse idea of ​​Valhalla.
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