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Elysia is an extradimensional plane of existence which features in Brian Lumley's interpretation of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.


The home of the ancient and inscrutable Elder Gods, the eternal enemies of both the Great Old Ones and the Outer Gods, Elysia is impossible to describe in its entirety. Whilst portions of it resemble endless forests, other areas are simply vast, nearly-empty oceans, and it features many cities which hover above its varied landscape, each as individual as the god or race which inhabits them.

What is known of Elysia is that it is an incredibly difficult dimension to locate. This may be due to the fact that it is protected by the unimaginably vast powers wielded by the Elder Gods, or simply that they have hidden the routes to it so well that only the most intelligent creatures in the multitude of parallel worlds which exist can even begin to fathom where to begin looking for them.

Known Areas

Kthanid’s Palace

The first amongst the Elder Gods, Kthanid holds his palace in what is assumed to be the centre of Elysia. A vast, crystalline structure, it contains not only his living quarters, but on occasion residences for those races who serve him. He also keeps a supply of “Time Clocks” in a great chamber, machines whose capabilities can transcend time and space, and which he loans to lesser creatures in his employ in order to carry out specific tasks.

The centre of Kthanid’s palace is his Viewing Room, a great vaulted chamber whose centre is occupied by an enormous crystalline looking glass which he uses to divine any possible outcome to an action taken by any being in the known universe.

Tiania’s Sky Quarters

Kthanid’s adoptive daughter, Tiania maintains a floating palace of her own, which she is capable of reconfiguring to suit the needs of her guests. She maintains many servants in her personal abode, but these creatures are all either non-sentient beings who simply know the will of their master and execute it mindlessly, or are there simply because they wish to be.

The Lithard Lake

A great lake where the creatures known as Lithards like to congregate and play, it is also home to their sub-aquatic nursery, where the Lithards breed, hatch and nurture their young.

The Mountain-Island of the Dchichi

A great, floating mountain in the sky honeycombed with nests and topped with luxurious eyries, the avian Dchichi call this antigravity-powered island their home. They keep the majority of their population here, ready to serve the Elder Gods should the need arise.

Known Inhabitants

  • Kthanid: The de facto leader of the Elder Gods, and the most powerful of their number.
  • Tiania: Kthanid’s adopted daughter, and soulmate of the cosmic time-traveller Titus Crow.
  • Lithards: A race of intelligent dragonoids who serve the Elder Gods.
  • Dchichi: Humanoid avians who also serve the Elder Gods.
  • Esch: A Dchichi who shares a particularly strong bond with Kthanid.
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