Mythos adjacent SealEric Stokes Brooks (aka, Blade) is a superhero in the fictional Marvel universe, who was created in 1973. He's a B-list hero with several comic book series.


Blade is a human/vampire hybrid who was born to a woman bitten and killed by a vampire (and turned into a vampire herself). He grew up into a vampire hunter, dedicating himself to hunting down and exterminating all vampires. Along the way he has also fought other supernatural threats. To help him hunt down and kill Dracula, he joined other vampire hunters in a team of vampire hunters, the BorderLine Investigative Services (The Nightstalkers).

Currently he is a member of the Midnight Sons a team of supernatural superheroes and recently joined the Avengers. In his war against vampires he has clashed with their allies, the Cult of the Darkhold and once came under the influence of Chthon, an Old One.

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