Extended universe sigil Esch is an extraterrestrial avian creature who appears in Brian Lumley's Titus Crow series of novels.

Overview Edit

Like the rest of his species, the Dchichi, Esch is a tall humanoid with the head and lower limbs of a terrestrial bird. He sports a beautiful set of feathers similar to that of a bird of paradise, and wears a cloak and shoes crafted from fine gold mesh.

When Titus Crow first set foot outside of his Time Clock upon Elysia, he was greeted by Esch. At first Esch attempted to communicate with him in alien languages which the Earthman did not understand, but as soon as Crow tried to tell him this, Esch replied in plain English. Esch then informed Crow that there was a Lithard on its way to collect Crow, before disappearing into a Time Clock of his own.

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