🐙Etepsed Egnis is a short story by Desmond Francis Lewis written as a parody of cosmic horror stories like those of H.P. Lovecraft.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Cacodemons haunted the steps of fear-ridden Halizbuk
~ 2920-2921, The Egnisomicon

The narrator, Halizbuk, climbs into a small box through the curtained window, using themselves as a ladder, to find a naked contortionist in the darkness licking them self clean. Halizbuk has been searching for this man and hopes to learn more about his trade. In his head he runs through a ringmasters calls, describing a list of impossible feats that closes with him turning inside out.

Still dreaming of fame he sees another man in the room before running to the window, describing the room and it's occupants to a crowd of reporters who watched him come in. As he does so the two men begin to graphically merge together from opposite corners, a tandril fusing with Halizbuk before he rips it off in disgust. Eventually the hair, flesh and bones of the men cover the walls of the room and as one they announce them self as Etepsed Egnis.

The Press soon lose interest as Etepsed Egnis fails to appear and Halizbuk joins a family circus.

~ Line 1787, The Egnisomicon

The ragged circus sets up in a modern housing estate as Halizbuk, now a magician, rehearses with a familiar curtained box. As local children watch he calls forth Etepsed Egnis which erupts out with a bone white claw "And a wild wicked flashpoint of wrinkled, rippling skin ridden with writhing lengths of jaws 'n claws entered fist 'n fury nova, a hypernuclear prestidigitation of supermeshed sky and dogfight.". The creature escapes and wheels over the surrounding TV antennae as thethe children somehow grow by drawing up strength from the soil.

Connections[edit | edit source]

Etepsed Egnis reappears in "A Core Unto Itself" and "The Gemstone From Out of Space".

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