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Eva is a hero in the fictional Dynamite universe, who was created in 2006 by James Kuhoric. She is a Dracula's daughter, who has fought against him her whole life.


Upon the death of Vlad Tepes's wife, he made a pact with what he believed to be god's envoy in exhcange for her life. In reality a demon, Vlad Tepes was turned into a vampire and his wife didn't return to life as he was promised, but a part of her returned as Eva, his baby daughter. Who was deliver by wolves to a monk. Eva possesses a preternatural ability to find evil influences among men and wipe it out, and has been destroying Dracula's influence ever since.

Eva fought alongside Ash Williams against her father and his army of monsters, when he tried to use the Necronomicon to bring about eternal night on Earth. She later was part of a coalition of warriors and supernatural beings which included her father Dracula, that fought against the Hyborian sorcerer Kulan Gath in the early 21st century. In one possible post-apocalyptic future, she was allied with Ash Williams, her father, and the remnants of the human, witch, vampire, and werewolf races against the Deadites.


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