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Fantasy Flight Games, usually abbreviated to simply FFG, is a relatively new games developer and publisher from the United States whose primary interest to this wiki is their Arkham Horror Files line of products, which deal with games and fiction related to H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.

History Edit

Founded in 1995 by CEO Christian T. Petersen, Fantasy Flight enjoyed a swift rise to prominence primarily through its releases of popular board games. In 2004 however, they secured the publication rights for a re-release of the 1987 game of Lovecraftian monster-hunting Arkham Horror, which underwent a major overhaul before being released.

Due to the major success of Arkham Horror, since that time, Fantasy Flight have expanded the scope of their Mythos products to include more board games set in the universe, Living Card Games, dice-and-card based cooperative strategy games, a range of miniatures to replace the cardboard counters included in their board games, and a series of novels centred on some of the characters featured in their other products. These have all been released under their Arkham Horror Files label.

List of Arkham Horror Files Products Edit

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