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I believe in a higher law. In believe in true justice.

George Barnaby, the Lawyer, is a character created by Fantasy Flight Games as a playable Investigator for their Arkham Horror Files range of Cthulhu Mythos-related content.

History Edit

Always one with a strong desire for control over his situation, George spent a month in prison for a crime of which he was innocent. The experience instilled in him a need for justice, and this pushed him into the decision to become a lawyer.

Being a highly charismatic and intelligent man, he proved to be extremely well suited to his chosen profession and, after a long and successful career, retired to spend time with his wife Maria. Their dream was to buy a boat and sail the seven seas in their old age.

However, George's life was shattered when, not long after retiring, Maria was murdered by assailants who wore occult jewellery. Vowing revenge, he tracked the men down to the small city of Arkham, where he prepared his final act of justice.

Behind the Mythos Edit

Originally conceived as an Investigator character for the [[Innsmouth Horror Deluxe Expansion (Arkham Horror)] |Innsmouth Horror]] expansion to Arkham Horror Second Edition, George was also included as a playable character in the similar Eldritch Horror board game. In 2010, Fantasy Flight released a pre-painted plastic miniature of him as part of their Arkham Horror Premium Figures line, but this has since been discontinued (all EXP).

Trivia Edit

  • George's character biographies from Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror differ slightly. In the first, he had only just retired before the men broke into his house, killed his wife and burned it down, while in the second they had bought a boat and sailed to Bombay, where he took a quick trip to shore before returning to find Maria's body surrounded by occult symbols.
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