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[[Category:Characters Originating From Mythos-Inspired Works]]

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Getter Emperor (Internet).gif

🐙 The Getter Emperor is an eldritch extra-terrestrial mechanical entity from the fictional universe of the Getter Robo manga and anime.


The Getter Robot is an eldritch entity which emerges in the future. A gigantic Getter robot which is made up of smaller robots. It's able to cross into other realities and pocket dimensions at will. The robot is sentient and is able to communicate telepathically.

It's a godlike being that is continuously absorbing matter at a universal scale. It's neither a benevolent or malevolent entity. The mecha is continuously expanding, and when seen in the future it's as large as a galaxy. Consisting of three starships and a number of robots that are able to combine. Surrounding it is a Getter Energy barrier that makes the Getter Emperor impervious to all other attacks. Each of the Getter Machine starships are equipped with a Getter Beam which can destroy a world, and the Getter Emperor's beam can travel over 400 million light years.

Due to its size, it generates its own gravitational field. It's entire energy output equals the output of the Big Band and when it combines into Getter Emperor One, galaxies quake. The concentrated Getter Rays cause incompatible space, energy, and matter to be consumed. Because of its connection to Getter Rays, it has a limited degree of omniscience which gives it the ability to stay several steps ahead of the opposition. Due to being able to manipulate space, the Getter Emperor can also destroy subspace. Escorting the Getter Emperor is a fleet of smaller Getter Machine ships. Which contain the memories and date of beings connected to the Getter Rays and are equipped with less powerful weapons.