Lovecraft circle Seal Ghizguth is a Great Old One. According to the Parchments of Pnom (chief Hyperborean genealogist as well as a noted prophet), he is a male spawn of Cxaxukluth and the brother of Hziulquoigmnzhah and Tulu.

He is the mate of Zstylzhemghi and the father of Tsathoggua.

Behind the Mythos Edit

The character first appeared in Smith's 1934 "Genealogical Chart of the Elder Gods" answer to Barlow's now missing style sheet:[1]

                 Azathoth                           Ycnagnnisssz
          (reproduced by fission)              (fissionary being from
                     |                           the dark star Zoth)
                     |                                    \
                Cxaxukluth                                 \
                (androgyne)                                 \
               /     |     \                                 \
              /      |      \                                 \
           Tulu      |      Ghizguth-----------+-----------Zstulzhemgni
                     |       (male)           /              (female)
                     |                       /
                     |                      /
             Hzioulquoigmnzhah         Tsathoggua--------+--------Shathak
                   (male)                                |
                                                (daughter who mated
                                                    with Voormi)
                                                  Knygathin Zhaum
                                               (peopled Commoriom by
                                              fission after the human
                                                 residents had left)

53 Ghizguth

Ryuga Boumera's interpretation of Ghizguth



  1. "Selected Letters of Clark Ashton Smith", Letter #189, to R.H. Barlow (June 16th, 1934)
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