Lovecraft circle SealExtended universe sigil Giant Bees are servants of the Great Old One Shub-Niggurath inhabiting the underground city of Harag-Kolath.[1][2]

He crouched and glared at it, knife ready -- but though the thing still moved its several legs, its body was cut nearly in two and it was obviously dying. Peering closer, Simon realized that it was an enormous black bee, as long as his hand and forearm. Its many-faceted eyes glittered dully in the faint light, and its finger-length stinger thrust itself out in repeated spasmodic jerks from the end of its fat abdomen, as if still seeking to inflict death.
Simon cursed softly. The thing was not supernatural but an actual physical being. That must mean that Prodikos was already opening the Gate to Harag-Kolath and some of the Great Mother's swarming servitors were entering the temple.
~ EXP: "Seed of the Star God", Richard L. Tierney


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