The Gnoph-Keh are creatures that once populated the region of Hyperborea, specifically the territory known today as Greenland. They are mentioned in the story The Horror in the Museum.


Gnoph-Keh are similar to polar bears. Unlike these, it has a horn on its head and six limbs.


The Gnoph-Keh are very territorial omnivorous beings and their six legs all of them adapted to move through difficult environments give them great versatility: when they need to accelerate they walk using all their limbs and they stand on two if they need to fight. In addition, they have a cooling organ near the lungs that allows them to exhale gusts of icy wind that they use to confuse their opponents.


The Gnoph-Keh are a primary species that is organized in packs. However, despite their poor intellect, they developed a primitive religion structured around the primal Ithaqua, Aphoom-Zhah, and Rhan-Tegoth. The Gnoph-Keh were also worshiped by cannibalistic humanoids known as Gnophkehs, who were followers of Ithaqua. The Gnophkehs considered the Gnoph-keh their "totemic mediators with Ithaqua."


The Horror in the MuseumEdit

In this account a wax sculpture of a Gnoph-Keh is mentioned, to which the description given in this article corresponds.


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