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🐙 The Goblin Entity is an eldritch demonic cosmic entity and cosmic horror element in the fictional universe (Earth-1298) of Marvel by Marvel Comics.


The Goblin Entity is an insatiably hungry entity, which like the Phoenix Force possesses limitless power. Unlike the Phoenix, it gets its power from its hunger which can never be satisfied. The entity has consumed entire galaxies, and when confronted by the Phoenix Force, it consumed it too. Galactus likewise fell to its power. It took the power of the 5th Host of the Celestials to defeat and contain the Goblin Entity, though at the cost of their lives.

The Goblin Entity absorbs all types of energies, projects concussive energy blasts powerful enough to destroy worlds, and is able to telekinetically destroy entire planets with a single thought. It can create demons from shadows, has total control over time, can transmutate matter, is able to resurrect the dead, can teleport itself across the cosmos, and is able to travel across time and space via the creation of a quantum singularity.