Tibetan Monastery (Chaosium)

Extended universe sigil Gompa Bkgo-tu is a fictional monastery created in 2013 by Chaosium for the Call of Cthulhu RPG.


Gompa Bkog-tu (aka, the Home of the Dawn), is a monastery located in southern Tibet near the Nepalese border. Within are 300 hundred monks of the Yellow Hat (Gelug) sect. Most of whom are warrior-monks who are skilled in the martial arts, the bow and arrow, and the spear. It's the stronghold of an ancient organization, predating Buddhism and the Tibetan Bon religion. Known as "The Dawn", it's believed to have been founded before the Hyperborean period and been active ever since. A dozen of its members reside in the monastery, and others operate elsewhere gathering intelligence or operating as its messengers. A few woman have been recruited into the Dawn.

The monastery was built in such a way that it can withstand a siege for many months. Within is a library containing mystic books, many of which contain information about the Mythos. The members of the Dawn have taken oaths in which they have given their absolute obedience its the orders's leadership and their total commitment to defend Tibet at any cost. The senior members of the Dawn are knowledgeable in spells that banish or destroy the Old One's minions and in the crafting of weapons that can be used against them.

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