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This subject is written on a topic in the real world and reflects factual information. This subject contains information from the Expanded Cthulhu Mythos, and not based on H.P. Lovecraft's works directly. Gretchen's Wood: and Other Lovecraftian Tales of Terror in Columbiana County, Ohio is a collection of short stories by American author Ran Cartwright.


Collecting eleven stories with a Lovecraftian theme, the stories contained within Gretchen's Wood are all set in the real-world county of Columbiana, Ohio. It was first published in June 2005 by PublishAmerica, and runs to a total of 198 pages.


  • Acknowledgments
  • Foreword: Something in the Dark
  • "The Black Horror of Dungannon"
  • "Tommy's Goat"
  • "The Horror of Organ Grinder Road"
  • "The House in the Woods"
  • "The Horror from the Sky"
  • "Dreaming in Darkness"
  • "The Calling of the Hounds"
  • "Summoning Tsathoggua"
  • "Gretchen's Wood"
  • "The Highlandtown Lake Horror"
  • "Alder's Rest"