The Gyaa-yothn are unnnatural hybrids created by the men of Tsath to act as horse-like mounts and perform physical labour. Though carvivourous they're considered to be harmless.


great floundering white things, with black fur on their backs, a rudimentary horn in the centre of their foreheads, and an unmistakable trace of human or anthropoid blood in their flat-nosed, bulging-lipped faces.
~ Zamacona on the gyaa-yothn


The result of forcibly breeding the defeated races of K'n-yan with the creatures discovered in Yoth the gyaa-yothn.


They are used in a similar way to horses in the world above for transport or pulling ploughs. However in the former case they can be ridden without saddles or guidance with an clumsy but regular pace. They are also capable of almost human farmwork.

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