Henry Wentworth Akeley (1871–1928) is a local farmer residing at the Akeley farm at Black Mountain, Vermont and the pen pal of Prof. Albert Wilmarth. He is also an amateur student of folk lore who takes it upon himself to investigate the Bostonian man Noice and several local during their interaction with the Mi-Go. During his investigations, he manages to ship a black stone the originated on one of the Mi-go worlds to Professor Wilmarth, as well as a phonograph record of a dark ceremonial incantation of theirs and several wax rubbings, photographs and other research notes. Wilmarth eventually destroys these though.

He is later found out to be investigating these people and is beset by several home invasions and killed by these outer beings from Yoggoth. Whilst his fate remains slightly ambiguous, we know the following of his end. His brain is placed inside of a Mi-go brain case and his body parts are used as props to lure Wilmarth into staying at the Akeley farm overnight. Whilst Akeley may not be fully dead, his body is no longer organically alive.

He has one documented relative, his son, George Goodenough Akeley, who lives in San Diego.

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