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Herbert West is the main character in H.P. Lovecraft’s short story "Herbert West--Reanimator" as well as the Re-Animator series of films and comics. He is a scientist who creates a formula capable of animating unliving bodies, although his ultimate aim is to bring living creatures back to life, complete with all of their faculties.




In the original short story, Herbert West is described multiple times as being 'a small, slender, spectacled youth with delicate features, yellow hair, pale blue eyes, and a soft voice'. He is a highly intelligent, unconventional and ruthless man.

Re-Animator (movie)

Extended universe sigilIn the Re-Animator films West is portrayed by Jeffrey Combs and deviates slightly from Lovecraft's original design in having brunette hair rather than blonde - the films also have Herbert West living in the modern age; other than these minor changes the character remains virtually the same in both the book and the movies.

Feeders from Within

Extended universe sigilIn Peter J. Evans' novel Feeders from Within, West unexpectedly appears at Arkham Asylum and conducts an unspecified procedure on recently-admitted inmate Diana Stanley which results in her developing a multiple-personality disorder.


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