Extended universe sigilThe Hooded Harbingers are beings created by Paizo Inc. in 2016 for "The Whisper Out of Time" supplement to the Pathfinder role-playing game.


Dressed in dirty, sallow rags, they resemble humanoid mummies. Due to these clothes and his stooped posture, it is difficult to deduce his complexion. His face is also not discernible, as he is covered with a hood made of the same material. What is discernible is that it has arms of abnormal length, which appear to hang dislocated.

If someone tries to reveal their face by pulling the hood back, it will be discovered that the head is covered by the same layers of rags. If they are removed, there will be more layers of encrusted dirt. Finally, after removing dozens of layers, whoever has been removing layers will see the face, which is nothing but the one who has done the action. This is a blow to sanity, which can happily be maintained if the seen is forgotten. In any case, the body of the being explodes with an enormous glow of light.

Conceptual information and role Edit

They are the faceless messengers of Hastur. This mentally transmits messages to them to communicate to their cults, and even to Leng's Non Describitur (if this is not the greatest of them, having gained some autonomy). Once they receive a message, they convulse. It is preferable not to disturb someone who is in this trance, because he becomes angry and attracts the attention of the King in Yellow.

They originate from Carcosa and it is extremely rare to find more than one at a time. They take their job very seriously, and will not hesitate to use certain powers in order to carry it out. If they are forced to fight and cannot escape with teleportation or plane shift, they will first try to knock opponents off balance using the ends that hang from the rags of their arms. If this is not enough, they administer the so-called "bloodless contact" (in which they impede the victim's blood flow). Hooded Harbingers have quick reflexes and slash with their clawed hands. They can also trace the Yellow Sign in the air and broadcast a telepathic announcement of doom. They give off a moldy carrion smell that can affect those around you.

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