Extended universe sigil The Hooded Harbingers are a fictional race created by Paizo Inc in 2016 for the Pathfinder roleplaying game.


The Hooded Harbingers are Hastur's faceless messengers. Clad in a tattered yellow hood and rags, they resemble humanoid mummies. They emit a musty carrion stench and carry themselves with a stooped posture. If you pull the hood back, the head is covered by the same layers of rages. Peal them off, and you find more layers. Eventually after pulling off dozens of layers the unraveller sees his own face. They possess several abilities including teleportation, plane shift, and bloodless touch (in which the victim's blood flow is restricted). Hooded Harbingers have lightning reflexes and slash with their claw-like hands. They originate from Carcosa and its rare to encounter more than one at a time.

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