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The Amulet as depicted in a graphic adaptation

In the coffin lay an amulet of curious and exotic design, which had apparently been worn around the sleeper's neck. It was the oddly conventionalised figure of a crouching winged hound, or sphinx with a semi-canine face, and was exquisitely carved in antique Oriental fashion from a small piece of green jade. The expression of its features was repellent in the extreme, savoring at once of death, bestiality and malevolence. Around the base was an inscription in characters which neither St John nor I could identify; and on the bottom, like a maker's seal, was graven a grotesque and formidable skull.

This cursed amulet is the centerpiece of H.P. Lovecraft's short story The Hound.

It was found by two graverobbers around the neck of a dead man. Though it was five centuries old, the skeleton was remarkably intact aside from the skull which was shattered prior to death by some unidentified animal. The robbers recognized the amulet as the one hinted at in the Necronomicon. The book describes it as "the ghastly soul-symbol of the corpse eating cult of the inaccessible Leng, in central Asia."

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