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Humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) are a species of intelligent bipedal mammals occupying the planet Earth in the Sol system.  


Humans arose (like most life on Earth) as a result of natural evolution acting on the distant descendents of Elder Thing creations, around the end of the Elder Thing empire. Proto-human simians were regarded as sources of amusement and food by the Elder Things.(HPL: At the Mountains of Madness)


Humans can interbreed with Deep Ones, White apes, Yog-Sothoth,(HPL: The Shadow Over InnsmouthFacts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family, The Dunwich Horror) and Tsathoggua (CIRCLE: "The Scroll of Morloc"), among others. Other little-known/mutated races of humans and part-humans include Cave beasts (HPL: The Beast in the Cave, The Rats in the Walls), Voormi and Gnophkeh (CIRCLE: "The Scroll of Morloc").

Strange science can reanimate a human as a zombie (HPL: Herbert West--Reanimator), or exchange their brain for that of another species. (HPL: The Shadow Out of Time, The Whisperer in Darkness) Extended contact with Ghouls can transform a human into a ghoul. (HPL: Pickman's Model)

Humans are capable of learning magic; and are among the species that cross over to The Dreamlands, along with cats, Ghouls and Man of Leng.

Human characters in the MythosEdit

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