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...Young with the youth that is outside time, and with beauteous bearded face, curved, smiling lips, Olympian brow, and dense locks waving and poppy-crowned.
~ H.P. Lovecraft , "Hypnos"

Hypnos is the Greek god of sleep. It is speculated that he is an Elder God, (EXP: Malleus Monstrorum (RPG supplement)) as he appears in the story "Hypnos." He appears as a youthful man with a bearded face, "immense, sunken and widely luminous eyes", and a crown of poppies.

In The MythosEdit

Hypnos is the Greek/Roman God of Dreams and appears in Lovecraft's short story 'Hypnos', where he met a nameless man who would soon be his friend by chance. Hypnos begins to enlighten his new friend on the nature of reality and shows him realms which exist beyond all concepts of space, time and dimensions. This happens over a period of time where the two travel further beyond. Transcending limitless realms of existence countless times, going further and deeper each time they transcend the previous plateau of existence.

The Lord of Dreams soon becomes confident that he can become the King of all reality, and ascends even further with his friend, eventually reaching a massive clump which they seemingly cannot pass through, unlike all the other previous levels of existence. His friend gives up and awakens from his sleep and waits for Hypnos to wake up as well. However, Hypnos manages to get past his obstacle, only to be driven insane by what he experienced afterward, and by the sound of a flute.

In the end, Hypnos, despite all his power from transcending many boundless, undimensioned realms with ease could not make it past the First Gate, as he was driven insane by mere shadows of far greater beings.


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