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Idea of Evil

🐙 The Idea of Evil is an eldritch being from the fictional universe of the Berserk franchise.


The Idea of Evil came into existence because of humanity's need for transcendental reasons for what happens in their lives. Reasons for life and death, reasons for why their lives are filled with sadness, pain, and suffering. The entity acts on the collective desires of mankind via causality.

Its core is a many-eyed flesh-like heart that lays at the centre of the Abyss, a realm at the deepest level of the Astral World. Known as "Hell" to some, souls are purged of their individuality and form an interconnected chain, becoming lost within the realm's space and matter. Those who are caught up with demonkind (including those that make sacrifices to the God Hand to become apostles as well as the victims of those same apostles) are taken here when they die.

The God Hand[]

Executing the will of the Idea of Evil are the God Hand, a quintumvirate of abherrant evil beings, with their own desires belonging to the entity. The God Hand have manipulated human history by orchestrating various important events. Each of them was once a human, whom during their mortal life owned an arcane artifact known as the crimson beherit (also called the "Egg of the King"), which is said to "give the world in exchange for your blood and flesh". The owners have the qualities to throw away their humanity and be reborn as members of the God Hand. Each of them is able to alter reality. Though being cognizant of the law of cause and effect, none are fully-fledged gods. Due to being a huge body of thought, God Hand members can't physically interact with the world even if they may exist in any place where negative human thoughts swirl in a large concentration. The God Hand are also the masters of the apostles.


Apostles are former humans who summon the God Hand and are given an "ideal shape" in exchange for sacrificing something precious to them. The sacrifice is something that defines their humanity. Therefore, when they give it up, it's as if they gave up part of their soul. There is only one absolute law that the apostles follow, which is "Do as thou wilt", which permits them to use their ascended being as they see fit. Still, most of them will answer the call of the God Hand and won't hesitate to kill those whom interfere in their designs, even if they're apostles themselves.

No two apostles have a similar true form, as is the reflection of their soul made flesh. The forms vary widely, from warped versions of animals to demonic abominations. In turn, their human features often in some shape or form their true form. Most of the apostles have an insatiable need for bloodshed and lack empathy, though some are able to suppress these tendencies. All of the apostles have a humanoid form, but at any moment can turn into their true form. In their human form, they possess superhuman reflexes and strength. In their true form, they display incredible powers, ones beyond what most humans possess (e.g. an amorphous body that cannot be harmed or supersonic flight). Some of the apostles can also create pseudo-apostles, the method depending on the apostle.


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