Insect of Lexx (Internet)

The Insects are an eldritch extra-terrestrial race and cosmic horror element in the fictional universe of the Lexx television series.


The Insects are a whole civilization of moon-sized bugs with an incorporeal "essence" that can be passed on to their offspring or used to possess humans. It's a race of powerful and resilient vacuum capable insects capable of unassisted space travel of great resilience and cunning. Every known member of the race is huge, possessing heavily armored carapaces that made them extremely resistant to weapons fire. The last surviving member of the race, the Giga Shadow, was able to withstand Lexx's planet-destroying weapon.

Insects' ethereal "essence" contains their consciousness, some or all of it. Which can be passed on to a host body as a parasitic mind, via the use of a transference organ. Insect offspring stay dormant until they gain an insect essence, though it's not known if they develop their own and/or if the paerents' essence is passed on to them. The Insects dominated the universe until they nearly were wiped out by humanity in the Insect Wars. The reason for the wars is unknown nor who started the conflict, but the insects have an innate hatred of all other lifeforms, which requires their subjugation or destruction.


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