Extended universe sigil Ivy Town is a fictional city in the DC universe which first appeared in 1961 in issue #34 of the 1st volume of the Showcase comic series.


Ivy Town was established in 1708 by a group that broke away from the Protestant town of Calvin City. Which by the 1800s became one of New England's major industrial centers. Ivy University was established in 1885. One of America's premiere scientific institutions, a rival of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In the late 20th century, Ray Palmer a brilliant physicist discovered white dwarf star matter which he used to discover how to shrink himself down to a subatomic size. He became a costumed super-hero, taking the moniker "The Atom". He worked alongside another brilliant scientist, Alpheus V. Hyatt who developed the technology to travel forward and backward through time using a microscopic quantum singularity he discovered.

The town was gradually transformed by their tampering with the time stream and the Atom's experiments and shrinking technology. The laws of physical nature eroded and broke down, resulting in a town that became a magnet for quantum irregularities and time vortexes. Whose neighborhoods have developed their own individual psychosis. Ivy Town is now a critical nexus over which both the forces of magic and science fight over. By the early 21st century, the Dark Giant M'nagalah had relocated to Ivy Town, where it clashed with the Atom.

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