Extended universe sigil The Jabberwocky is based on the nonsense poem "Jabberwocky" written by Lewis Carroll in 1871 about the killing of a creature which was called the "Jabberwock". It was included in his story "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There". In 2007, Zenescope Entertainment created a Great Old One called the Jabberwocky, which first appeared in issue #16 of the 1st volume of the Grimm Fairy Tales comic series.


During the Age of Chaos, war raged for control of all the realities. Which threatened to tear the multiverse apart. The Keepers defeated the Old Ones, who were put into a slumber and imprisoned for eternity. Only the youngest of the Old Ones was spared, a child who was placed in the Realm of Dreams, the Jabberwocky. It was hoped that it would be cleansed of its evil by the realm of dreams and wonder. They miscalculated and it grew up evil, and eventually doom came to Wonderland. As it twisted the Realm of Dreams into its demented playground, turning it into the Realm of Nightmares.

The Jabberwocky has its eyes on Earth, desiring to spread its madness to that world. To prevent this, cults have been offering the Jabberywocky human sacrifices. Children whom are given to him, and which are transformed by Wonderland. Its madness still seeps into the Earth resulting in various atrocities, from serial killers to wars. Refuse to sacrifice a child and worse happens. In the early 20th century, one father refused to sacrifice his child, and the influence of Wonderland increased on Earth, resulting in the Great Depression and World War Two. The Jabberwocky has great physical and magical powers, including being able to transform others and make itself as large as a skyscraper, 102 stories high.


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