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This subject contains information from the Mythos Adjacent Works, and while share similar themes and features of the Mythos are not based on his work, or generally considered a part of the Mythos proper. The Jade God is a green jade statue of a winged ape. The ape is reclining, and grinning in a hideous and evil way.

The statue was between two and three feet tall. It was also extremely heavy for its size.

The Jade God appears in the short story The Jade God by Robert E. Howard along with his characters Conrad and Kirowan.

When first encountered the statue came to life and attacked, only finally being subdued by being trapped in a pool of tar and set on fire. This burned the creature to death. Kirowan theorised that it was originally a living monkey changed through surgery by Fu Manchu, or even a Tcho-Tcho.