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This subject contains information from the Expanded Cthulhu Mythos, and not based on H.P. Lovecraft's works directly. James Howlett (aka, Wolverine) is a superhero in the fictional Marvel universe, who was created in 1974 and has been one of it's main superheroes, an A-list hero with many comic book series. He is not only one of the most popular characters in Marvel history but in comic books in general.


Wolverine is a mutant with a tragic history of loss and trauma, due to betrayals and experiments done to him by government conspiracies. He is also one of the most feared superheroes on Earth, a nearly unstoppable killing machine, who as he likes to say "is the best at what he does". Due to his healing factor he is over a century old and has served in several wars, been a CIA operative, and was a member of a black ops special action team. Long standing member of the X-Men, who is one of its most important team members.

He has had several encounters with the demonic N'Garai and even once invaded their domain by himself, slaughtering so many of them and wounding their ruler, that out of fear he banished him from their dimension. Wolverine now has a reputation among the N'Garai that no other human has, becoming a legend among them (similar to the reputation he has earned among the demonic-like alien Brood), as a slayer of N'Garai.

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