Jason Voorhees is a slasher in the fictional Nightmare on Elm Street universe, who was created in 19784 and has been the franchise's antagonist. He has appeared in comic book series by Marvel, Innovation Publishing, Trident Comics, Avatar Press, and now Wildstorm Productions.


Jason Voorhees was a mentally disabled child who had a deformed head and face. He was bullied as a child and it was believed he drowned in Crystal Lake. In reality he was alive and returned to the summer camp at Crystal Lake, now a serial killer taking revenge for the death of his mother, who had gone on a killing spree. He killed teenagers at the camp and later the city, until his death.

After which he returned as an undead serial killer, virtually unstoppable with its supernatural powers. Even if destroyed, he can be resurrected by the consumption of its heart, which compels the victim to consume the heart. He clashed with both Ash Williams and Freddy Krueger at Crystal Lake, and later is manipulated by Freddy posing as his mother into helping him try to take over the world with the Necronomicon.

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