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🐙 Jenova is a Lovecraftian-like extra-terrestrial being in the fictional universe of the Final Fantasy video game franchise.


Jenova, AKA Calamity from the Skies is an extraterrestrial being which appears feminine but whose gender is ambiguous. It has a heart at its feet which is connected to rest of the body by ventricle tubes. Appendages, a wing, and the stub of a wing protrude from the back. 2000 years ago she landed on Gaia in a meteor, resulting in a large wound being created in the northern part of the planet. It emerged from the crater and nearly wiped out the Cetra, mankind's cousin-species. The few remaining Cetra joined forces and sealed her in the Northern Crater. Eventually the Shinra megacorporation discovered her, and with her cells they created super-soldiers.

The renegade super soldier Sephiroth would come to believe that Jenova was his mother and attempted to destroy humanity. Controlling what remained of Jenova's cells, he had her take his form. Acting as his temporary avatar, she battled the rebel super-soldier Cloud and several other freedom fighters, and was defeated.

Her form depends on the planet she lands, and prior to Gaia she had done it to many worlds. Though her will was dormant during the time of Sephiroth, it's implied that his desire to kill, consume, and go to another world, was Jenova's influence. When her tentacles were chopped up, the fragments grew into bodies. It could regenerate, possess and/or infect others, communicate via telepathy, and manipulate the genetic structure of lifeforms. She would consume a planet's lifestream, and then move onto another world.