John Taggart is a time travelling man who defends the Earth from Mythos powers.

Behind the MythosEdit

He also appears in a couple of short stories and in the cross-over novel The Drums of Chaos, where he meets with Simon of Gitta. John Taggart is Tierney's first series hero, invented when Tierney was still a teenager.


  • The Winds of Zarr (Silver Scarab Press, 1975), novel
  • "Countdown for Kalara" (Space and Time July 1980), novella
  • "The Howler in the Dark" (The Crypt of Cthulhu #24, Lammas, 1984), short story. Written much earlier.
  • "The Last Decision" (Eldritch Tales #15 1988), short story
  • "The Lords of Pain" (1997), short story
  • "Let There Be Darkness" [With Kevin L. O'Brien] (2006), short story
  • The Drums of Chaos (Mythos Books, 2008), novel. 
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