Extended universe sigil The White Rabbit was created by Lewis Carroll in 1865, first appearing in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. In 2008, it first appeared in Zenescope Entertainment's Grimm Fairy Tales fictional universe, in the issue #1 of the 1st volume of Grimm Fairy Tales: Return to Wonderland.


Before Johnny Liddle, there were two other men who had the title of the Mad Hatter, with the first being Jack the Ripper and the second was Alice Liddle's brother, Drake Liddle. Who corrupted his nephew, Johnny Liddle, molesting the child. He grew up into a sociopath who was fascinated with death and killed small animals. What finally broke his mind was his mother's suicide. After finding out that Alice committed suicide because of his father's infidelities with a prostitute, he murdered his father. Upon learning this, his sister Calie Liddle, sent her brother through the Mirror to Wonderland, where he was transformed into one of Wonderland's most feared inhabitants. An insane killer whom sometimes serves the Jabberwocky.

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