Mythos adjacent Seal Jubilation Lee (aka, Jubilee) is a superhero in the fictional Marvel universe, who was created in 1975, a B-list hero with a few comic book series who is one of Marvel's most popular characters.


Jubilee is a mutant whom has been a long standing member of the X-Men. An orphan whose parents were murdered by Triad hitmen in a case of mistaken identity. She ran away from the orphanage and became a thief, who was rescued by the vacationing female members of the X-Men and then followed them back to their secret Australia base without their knowledge. Where she and Wolverine developed a sort of father-daughter relationship.

When they returned to the Xavier mansion, she followed them and became a founding member of the new teenage team of mutants, Generation X. Eventually she became a member of the X-Men. Recently she was turned into a vampire by bombs that spread vampiric blood around San Francisco and remained a vampire for a decade, when she was cured of vampirism by the Phoenix Force.


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