Extended universe sigil Kandar the Destroyer is a fictional demon created by Sean Clements in 2018 for the STARZ series "Ash vs Evil Dead".


Kandar the Destroyer is a demon which was unleashed by the Dark Ones. Prophesied to battle the Prophesied One to test mankind's mettle. It wreaked havoc and not even the US military could stop it despite calling in air strikes and deploying armor against the demon. It was finally killed by Ash who fired the Kandarian Dagger into it's mouth.

It was impervious to all types of attacks (e.g. bullets, explosives), except for the Kandarian Dagger which could kill it. The demon increased its strength by absorbing the damage inflicted by fighter jets and tanks. If a nuclear weapon had been used it's strength would have been increased exponentially. The demon could also breathe fire.

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