Extended universe sigil The Kitsune (multi-tailed fox spirits) are part of Chinese and Japanese folklore, with the Japanese version (kitsune) being the most well known in the West. In 2005 they were first used as a fictional race by Chaosium for the Call of Cthulhu RPG.


The Kitsune first appeared in China and over time migrated to Korea and then Japan. They are elemental spirits from an alien planet that due to the predations of the dholes became a lifeless world. When Mu was destroyed and the dimensional gates were opened, they were drawn to Earth by its teeming lifeforce. Where they manifested as animal-like beings. If they manifest in their true form, their unnatural presence becomes a blight on the Earth, draining the lifeforce from neighboring beings.

It's a race which is neither benevolent or malevolent, which has its own code of ethics and usually camouflage themselves with human customs. Mercurial beings who are as likely to antagonize as befriend humans, they never stray from their core personality. To those whom they judge incorrect in their actions, they become malevolent, evil, and destructive. On the other hand, to those whm they judge good, they are helpful, gentle, and polite. They can live up to 900 years and upon dying either reincarnate as a different being or return to the spirit world.

Kitsune have three forms, which are that of a Japanese fox, a lupine humanoid form with a fox head, and that of an extremely attractive human. Their true form is that of a 5f tall stalk that has approximately 20 tentacles, most of which are flattened close to the body like tangled hair. Topping each of the tentacles is a small orb. Kitsune feed on Chi and life force and can possess humans and fox cubs. By rubbing their tails together they can create an energy ball of fire or lightning which is used as a weapon, and they can also breathe fire.

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