Extended universe sigilKthanid, The Eminence is an Elder God who first appeared in Brian Lumley's novel "The Transition of Titus Crow", published in 1975. He also appears in "The Clock of Dreams" in 1978. Apparently he is brother of Cthulhu, but he is said to be "as kind as his brother is wicked" (however, it is possible that, like Cthulhu, he is simply an amoral being and, in his case, humans consider him benevolent because unlike his brother he is not hostile to them). He harbors great hatred for the Outer Gods because they killed his family when he was sleeping.

Name Edit

The origin of the name Kthanid is simple in appearance: the particle Kth- is equivalent to Cth- and serves to demonstrate its relationship with Cthulhu. On the other hand, the suffix -id, of Greek origin, is often used in faunistics to indicate belonging to a family. It is notable that the original meaning of the particle -id was "son of", although here it is evident that it does not appear in that context.

Appearance Edit

Kthanid resembles his brother, that is, he is a gigantic humanoid with a scaly body, cephalopod head and dragon wings, but unlike him he has golden eyes.

Conceptual information and role Edit

Kthanid lacks a human cult, yet he can occasionally summon a person he deems worthy of his trust to his abode, a cave of pearls and crystals situated above Elysia. There, Kthanid can manifest itself in the form of a concrete or abstract concept, such as some artifact, knowledge or spell.

Faced with a dangerous situation, he can manifest himself physically in order to face some Great Old One. Kthanid attacks with strange bright beams emanating from his eyes, either holding a target immobilized or dealing damage. It can also deliver physical blows, which are devastating given its immense size.

Role-Playing Games Edit

  • In the "Secrets of Japan" expansion of the Call of Cthulhu, it is speculated that Kthanid could be the Jade Emperor compared to other theories that give this role to whoever leads K'n-yan because of his knowledge of immortality.
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