Kthanid is an Elder God and said to be the brother of Cthulhu. A member of Cthulhu's race, he helped banish his brother and the other Great Old Ones to Earth before binding them. He is the leader of the Elder Gods who live on the planet Elysia.

He looks exactly like his sibling, the only difference being his peaceful, golden eyes. He resides in a crystal cave on Elysia. It is said that he is as good as his brother is evil. He bears a great hatred for The Great Old Ones for they had killed his family while he lay sleeping.

Despite his immense power, he is not capable of actual violence and only uses binding spells or memory-erasure to deal with his enemies. Kthanid is supposedly responsible for the fact Great Old Ones fear the Elder Sign as he placed a fear of it in the back of their subconscious.

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