Extended universe sigilThe L'gy'hxians are a race of cuboids of unknown metal living on L'gy'hx (Uranus). They first appeared in "The Insects of Shaggai" by Ramsey Campbell.


The L'gy'hxians are one meter tall and very strong and heavy. They have multiple legs.


Its technology is advanced. They are not a hostile breed, but they do respond harshly to infractions. This is evident in the relationship they had with the Shans. They once shared their world with Shan refugees (whom they treated as equals), until they were expelled due to the hateful rites they practiced in the name of Azathoth, whom several natives also began to worship instead of Lrogg, the two-headed bat. When a group entered a temple to destroy the statues of Lrogg and kill three of its priests, the authorities of the planet ordered the shans to take their temple to another planet and stated that no shan could remain on the planet unless were converts to the Lrogg faith. For their part, the natives who worshiped Azathoth were executed by pouring acid into their brains.

In the Lrogg cult, the legs of a conscious native are amputated in exchange for benefits. This god is but another of Nyarlathotep's masks (probably the Haunter of the Dark as "father of all bats").


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