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League of Light (Dynamite Entertainment)

The League of Light are a team of superheroes that is made up of Protectors. Legacy heroes whom inherited their powers from bloodlines. Whom are the protectors of their respective continents. The members of the team were brought together by the Chosen One, Ash Williams to fight the Deadites and prevent the apocalypse.

They failed to prevent the conquest of Earth by the Deadites and the extermination of the human race. The two surviving members (Cybil and Brad) along with Ash's spirit, used a time machine to travel to the past to prevent the post-apocalyptic future by preventing Hell's Prophet's infection of Ash. They were successful in re-writing history, with one of the changes being that Cybil was freed from a demonic possession years earlier by Brad.


  • Chosen One (Ash)
  • Cybil (ghost girl) = she has the power to un-possess others, use her spirit to possess people, and is accompanied by ghosts which tell her things.
  • Brad (werewolf)
  • Gelar (Rainbow Serpent) - serpent-man form that is able to increase its size.
  • Damisi - pyrokinesis
  • Aron (fallen angel)
  • Gus (sci-if inventor)


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