Lovecraft circle Seal Lilith is a demonic character mentioned in Jewish folklore. Nodens is her sexual partner.


Lilith appears as an ageless woman of sinister beauty. With lusty crimson lips, a body whose sensuous shape has no equal, billowing raven black hair, and smooth alabaster skin. Anyone whom is aroused by Lilith will find themselves awestruck and dazed. Whom she is then able to command to do her bidding. She can walk through any obstruction and is known for visiting sleeping men, who she then engages in somnambular sex.

Lilith drains them of their energy and takes their semen. She may also observe lovers and when then fall asleep, takes some of the man's semen. The semen is used to create monsters and deformed creatures. Her children are the non-Mythos creatures that haunt the night. During the night she cannot be harmed by physical attacks, but in the daylight she can be harmed normally. In combat she uses claw-like fingernails, is able to drain a victim's energy with her kiss, and restore her own with what she took.


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