Extended universe sigilThe Lithards are a species of dragon-like limbs. They appear in the Titus Crow series of novels, written by Brian Lumley. His first appearance was in "The Transition of Titus Crow".

Description Edit

These are creatures similar to the dragons of terrestrial mythology, especially the western one. They are large creatures covered with scales. They also have wings. They have a high degree of intelligence and the ability to converse in English. They are a sociable race that lives in communal groups, with a single dragon assigned to protect all the eggs in a given colony. In addition to being able to fly, Lithards are also very comfortable in the water and seem to enjoy raising their young in large bodies of fresh water.

It is unknown whether or not they are native to the kingdom of Elysia.

History Edit

When the interdimensional and intertemporal traveler Titus Crow arrived on Elysia, he received the services of a Lithard. This creature made him fly through Elysia, showing him the wonders of the place and rejoicing when the traveler happily played with the hatchlings in their communal lake. He was so excited about the man that he even allowed him to visit the ubterranean nursery where the eggs of the species were incubated.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Lithard" might not be the correct name for these creatures: since their reptilian mouths have trouble forming certain syllables in the English language, it is quite possible that they are simply called "lizards".
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