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The Man-Bats are a fictional race in the Marvel universe which first appeared in 1983 in issue #153 of the 1st volume of the Conan the Barbarian comic book series.


The Man-Bats were created by Chthon, one of the Old Ones. Whom they serve and by the time of the Hyborian Age, they had existed for eons. Man-Bats worshiped or swore by the Rat and the Great Fanged Bat.

They lived in the floating city of Ur-Xanarryh, which lied in the clouds over Cimmeria. Man-Bats were the ancient enemies of the Bird-Men of the floating city of Akah Ma'at, with whome they waged war with for centuries.

Man-Bats were monstrous humanoids with large bat-like wings, blue skin, claws, fangs, and pointed ears. Many of the males possessed huge fangs. On the bald heads of some of them was a horn-like backward curving projection. Unlike the males, the females were attractive humanoids able to seduce humans, though they still had wings and pointed ears.

It was a cruel and brutish race, whose only ambition was to conquer. In addition to their claws and fangs, they also used spears, shields, and swords though they lacked the sorcery and science of their rivals, the Bird-Men.

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