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Extended universe sigil The Many-Angled Ones are a race or group of demonic-like extradimensional entities which were created by Grant Morrison and were the primary antagonists in his Zenith comic strips in the 2000 AD sci-fi comic magazine published by Fleetway Publications. Marvel Comics would later bring to their Multiverse their version of a race of demonic-like extradimensional entities in 2010 with the "Realm of Kings" storyline. In the process they retconned the backstory of various eldritch, Lovecraftian entities, bringing a more Lovecraftian touch to the Multiverse.


The Many Angled Ones" (aka, Old Ones) are a multiversal race or group of eldritch cosmic entities. Within their ranks are Yog-Sothoth, Zvilpogghua, Shub-Niggurath, and Tsathoggua. The most powerful and greatest of them all though is Shuma-Gorath, ruler of the Many Angled Ones and conqueror of 100s of universes. On Earth the greatest and most powerful of the Old Ones is Chthon. They exist in the space between the countless realities where they attempt to spread their corruption and decay into those realities. Universes, dimensions, and worlds that have been conquered by the Many Angled Ones, decays and eventually dies.

Among the universes which have been conquered by them is a reality known as "Cancerverse", in which its followers killed "Death" (abstract entity) and nothing died. Life ran riot like a cancerous growth and its inhabitants are determined to spread the influence of the Many Angled Ones to other realities. They are considered many-angled because these entities exist simultaneously in many dimensions across the Multiverse, and mortals (e.g. humans) are incapable of perceiving their true forms. Even though they are a multiversal threat, the Many-Angled Ones do not pose an existential threat to the Multiverse, as there are cosmic entities (the Multiverse pantheon) whose power vastly eclipses their own.

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