Mythos adjacent Seal The Many-Angled Ones are a race or group of demonic-like extradimensional entities which were created by Grant Morrison and were the primary antagonists in his Zenith comic strips in the 2000 AD sci-fi comic magazine published by Fleetway Publications. The first appearance of a Many-Angled One was via a host body (the genetically-engineered Nazi super soldier Masterman) in 2000 AD Vol 1 536. They appeared throughout the series from 1987 till the end of the 1990s.


The Many-Angled Ones (aka, Lloigor) exist in a space that contains more dimensions than our universe therefore they appear to humans as "many angled." Therefore when one of them manifests in our universe, it appears to us as the floating disconnected body parts of a larger creature. Unlike the entities of the Cthulhu Mythos, the goal of the many-angled ones is to impose on the multiverse a rigid geometrical order thereby making everything run like clockwork.

No matter what host body a Many-Angled One takes, it possesses superhuman strength, reflexes, and speed. It's extremely durable and nearly invulnerable. From the eyes it incredibly destructive beams. Regardless of whether, they stole a body or specifically built it to host their lifeforce, they appear to always have these powers.


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