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This subject contains information from the "Lovecraft Circle" Myth Cycles, and while guided by HPL are not based on his work alone. The Marsh Family is a bloodline of humans (and later, hybrid beings) which draws its roots from the small fishing village of Innsmouth in the early days of colonial America. The first individual of distinction in this family was Captain Obed Marsh. Like most of the residents of Innsmouth, he was forced to interbreed with the Deep Ones, Pth’thya-l’yi. This Deep One ancestry means that his descendants will gradually mutate into potentially-immortal, amphibious humanoids. They had three children, two of whom disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The third, an unnamed daughter, was from an early age educated in France, and never knew the dark truth of her conception. The only hint to her ancestry was that her eyes greatly resembled those of the infamous Obed Marsh. Just after the Civil War, she married Benjimin Orne, and they lived together in Arkham. The two had only one child, a daughter. At some point, she moved to Toledo, married, and had three children. Two of her children appeared normal, as their father. Douglas, however, shared his mother's unsettling appearance. He would eventually shoot himself in the head after learning the history of his family. Shortly afterwards, the mother disappeared, presumably returning to the undersea city of Y'ha-nthlei.

The last of the line appears to be Robert Olmstead and his cousin Lawrence. Lawrence is the son of Walter and was committed to a sanatorium in Canton.

Other relatives are James Williamson, Eliza Orne, Enoch Marsh, Lydia Menize, Barnabas Marsh, Old Olmstead, Mr. Cleveland, Alice Marsh.

Outside the works[]

A blog purporting to that of Zachary Marsh was created on 18 May 2004. In the final post on the LiveJournal blog, it was revealed that Zachary Marsh, just like his ancestors, was turning into a fish monster.

first wife
Captain Obed Marsh
Deep one
Onesiphorous Marsh
3 daughters
Benjamin Orne
Alice Marsh
2 children
Barnabas Marsh
James Williamson
Eliza Orne
Douglas Williamson
Walter Williamson
Robert Olmstead
Lawrence Williamson


1st generation[]

  • Captain Obed Marsh: The founder of the Esoteric Order of Dagon, and the great-great-grandfather of Robert Olmstead. He died in prison in 1878.
  • Pth'thya-l'yi: Obed's second wife and the Deep One great-great grandmother of Robert Olmstead. She currently lives in Y'ha-nthlei, and favors Robert.
  • Mrs. Marsh: Obed's first wife and the step-great-great grandmother of Robert Olmstead. Died of illness.

2nd generation[]

  • Alice Marsh: Obed's daughter from his 2nd wife, and the great grandmother of Robert. Died of childbirth. She did not know of her mother's lineage.
  • Benjamin Orne: Alice's husband, and the great-grandfather of Robert. Lived in Arkham. Possible relation to necromancer Simon Orne.
  • Marsh Boys: Obed's two sons, and Alice's brothers who disappeared without a trace.
  • Onesiphorus Marsh: Obed's eldest son by his 1st wife, half-brother of Alice, and the great-granduncle of Robert Olmstead.

3rd generation[]

  • Eliza Orne: Alice's daughter, and Robert's grandmother. She disappeared to Y'ha-nthlei. She favors Robert.
  • James Williamson: Robert's grandfather; born in Ohio.
  • Barnabas Marsh: Onesiphorus' son, Eliza's cousin, and Robert's great-uncle. Nicknamed as Old Man Marsh. Owned the gold refinery. Died during the Innsmouth raid. 

4th generation[]

  • Mary Williamson: Robert's mother and the daughter of Eliza.
  • Henry Olmstead: Robert's father.
  • Walter Williamson: Mary's brother, father of Lawrence, and uncle of Robert.
  • Douglas Williamson: Mary's brother who committed suicide upon learning about Obed.

5th generation[]

  • Robert Olmstead: The main protagonist of The Shadow Over Innsmouth and great-great-grandson of Obed Marsh. Accepts his fate as a Human/Deep One hybrid.
  • Lawrence Williamson: Robert's cousin who has already transformed into a Deep One.