Extended universe sigilMythos adjacent SealThe Martians are an intelligent species created by American writer Frank Belknap Long for the science fiction story "The Blue Earthman".

Description Edit

They are giant creatures that invaded Earth in such a distant future that the sun had already engulfed Mercury and the Earth itself became a world with synchronous rotation. The human race, divided into two enemy ethnic groups, join forces against the Martian invaders. However, despite fighting their ships, no human has ever seen a Martian.

In role playing games Edit

Call of Cthulhu Edit

Martians are a warrior vampire race that communicates telepathically. Possessing a large eardrum at the back of their head, they can only hear specific tones and sounds. They use long glass pipettes to draw blood from their victims, which they take directly into their systems. They are extremely strong beings that can move unaided in the heaviest gravity on Earth, with tentacles that humans rarely escape once they have been trapped.

They operate tripod battle machines measuring 30 meters and reaching 60 mph. They can only be damaged by direct artillery strikes and are armed with heat beams, sticky black smoke projectors, and mechanical tentacles. Invisible heat rays can set fire to buildings a mile away. The tentacles are used to grasp objects when smoke or heat projectors are not operating.

Curiosities Edit

  • The design used for Call of Cthulhu is based on that of the Martians from "The War of the Worlds".
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