Lovecraft circle Seal An unidentified sea monster was killed in the Pacific Ocean in 1922 by Captain James P. Orne; who later exhibited the creature's body at Martin's Beach. However, the monster turned out to have been just an infant, and its presumed parent surfaced months later to extract revenge upon the Captain and numerous other people. (HPL: "The Horror at Martin's Beach")


Very little is known about this species, except that they bear resemblance to a cyclopic version of the mythological sea serpents, with a single eye on their faces. They also seem to combine aspects of many animal groups, possessing scaly fish, gills, forelegs and six-toed feet in the place where the pectoral fins would be in a regular fish. Scientific examination also reveals that they have highly-developed brains.

The infant specimen killed by Captain Orne and the Alma crew on May 17, 1922 measured close to 50 ft in length (15.24 m) and 10 ft in diameter (3.048 m). This ferocious specimen unleashed a seemingly unprovoked attack on the boat and fought a prolonged and arduous battle that lasted close to 40 hours before the human crew finally emerged victorious. The fact that such a beast turned out to be merely a juvenile gives an idea of the danger that an adult specimen would surely represent; to which one may add their intelligence, their ability to mimic human screams, and to seemingly hypnotize people from distance.

Two months after the Alma incident, a boat carrying the specimen was lost at sea; presumably sunk by the creature's parent to recover its deceased offspring. A few weeks later, a terrifying scream was heard coming from the sea at Martin's Beach, leading lifeguards on duty to throw an air-cushion tied to a rope. This was promptly swallowed by the adult monster. Once the rope was pulled, a large number of people, including Captain Orne, gathered to try to pull it back. Due to some unknown psychic or supernatural manifestation on the monster's part, the crowd was unable to let go off the rope, feeling as if their hands were stuck to it, and all were slowly pulled into the ocean by the vengeful beast.

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